Sunday, 17 October 2010

Vis Lit: Chaos

Just posting about two artists who's work springs to mind when I think 'Chaos'. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the two exact images I have in my head when I think of them, but I can show you some examples of their stuff anyway.

John Blanche

These are two pieces by Blanche, not sure of the names. Not very chaotic, I know, but they illustrate his style really well, which I find chaotic in it self, especially all the linework etc. He used to have a ridiculously awesome website, but it seems to have been taken down, so the only way to 'see' it is by viewing some shots of it on the designers website: Definately worth a look if you like interesting website design.

Hieronymous Bosch

These are two pieces by Bosch, i'm not sure what the first is called, but the second one is 'The Garden of Earthly Delights', his most famous piece. Bosch did some absolutely bat shit crazy paintings, if you want an illustration of chaos, look no further. 

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